September 2019 / Seoul

two channel video / simulative installation

Created by Hoyoun Cho

Demo version was exhibited at ZER01NE 2019.

Unscripted is a simulative installation that produces imaginary images based on text resulting from AI’s interpretation of the space in the game. This AI, which has only learned from actual, physical space data, assigns new meanings to the imaginary space. This is then used by a second artificial intelligence to produce a new image that reproduces another hypothetical world. Unscripted, which offers a realist interpretation of the imaginary and an imaginary reality of that realistic interpretation, seeks to find a new storytelling method created through the human-AI interaction.

*It was created by the support of ZER01NE. (Hyundai Motors)
*본 작품은 ZER01NE의 후원으로 제작되었습니다.

Cover Image © 2019 ZER01NE.