Loopntale is a game designer duo consisting of Youngju Kim and Hoyoun Cho based in Seoul. Their practice exists across interactive installation, video games, and interactive storytelling utilizing social media. They explore video games as an artistic medium by experimenting with game mechanics, storytelling, and artificial intelligence. Youngju Kim is a lecturer at Korea National University of Arts. Hoyoun Cho is a founder of Loopntale game studio. Their works were presented at Zer01ne (Seoul), Paradise Art Lab (Seoul), FACT (Liverpool), Hyundai Motorstudio (Beijing) and etc. They are also organizing game-making workshops focusing on alternative video games.

룹앤테일은 김영주와 조호연으로 구성된 게임 디자이너이자 아티스트 듀오이다. 비디오게임, 인터랙티브 시뮬레이션, 관객참여극, SNS를 활용한 인터랙티브 스토리텔링 등 다양한 플랫폼과 장르에서 게임 메커닉의 실험을 기반으로 작품을 구현한다. 대안적 게임 제작을 위한 워크숍과 플랫폼을 만드는 것에도 관심을 두고 새로운 표현 매체로서의 게임을 탐구하고 있다.

As game designers, we believe game mechanics are means of communication. Our games are related to what kind of discussion we intend to create and how. Through online workshops that mashup stories with anonymous people in real-time, by making a video game about a being seeking help from the people in the real world via twitter account linked to its virtual world, we strive to discover the pleasure and meaning of having talks about real-world issues with people in the place of unreal.


Youngju Kim
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Hoyoun Cho
instagram @meetceros
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