Looping Tales

September 2019 / Seoul

Created by Youngju Kim, Hoyoun Cho

multiplayer game

Demo version was exhibited at ZER01NE 2019.

Looping Tales is a multiplayer game that allows up to three players. Three scenes are connected to a server, collaboration is required between the players who control each scene. If an AI agent in the first scene learns something, that new knowledge is updated to the agents in the other scenes in real-time. Agents do not communicate directly, but the unconscious transfer among them is possible.

*It was created by the support of ZER01NE. (Hyundai Motors)
*본 작품은 ZER01NE의 후원으로 제작되었습니다.

Cover Image © 2019 ZER01NE.

Image © 2019 ZER01NE.