Forest of Rumors

September 2019 / Seoul

video game

Created by Youngju Kim

Demo version was exhibited at ZER01NE 2019.

Forest of Rumors is a video game on a platform that simulates the experience of spreading rumors. On level one, a player is told a story in a short time and is requested to retell the story through six fictional characters. The player can move around the word blocks that are changed by each character. Depending on the player’s memory and the personality of the game character, the story is inevitably distorted. On level two, the retold story is manipulated again based on the type of community the characters are part of. On the final level, all the revised stories are compared and analyzed alongside the original story. Forest of Rumors uses psychological game experiment to expose how rumors are made and spread.

*It was created by the support of ZER01NE. (Hyundai Motors)
*본 작품은 ZER01NE의 후원으로 제작되었습니다.

Cover Image © 2019 ZER01NE.

Video © 2019 ZER01NE.