Hidden Protocol

October 2019 / Seoul

Multiplayer game / interactive simulation

Created by Hoyoun Cho, Youngju Kim, Gangil Yi

Demo version was exhibited at Paradise Art Lab Showcase 2019.

Hidden Protocol is an interactive simulation and multiplayer game in the world of AI agents, depicting their intersecting viewpoints. As Marvin Minsky said, intelligence does not depend itself on a single principle or a mechanism but may stem from the interactions among multiple actors. In the world of Hidden Protocol, interactions in which agents exchange viewpoints serve as a reward from machine learning. When an agent spots other agents, it receives a positive reward; when it is spotted by others, it receives a negative reward. Consequently, the agents try to look at others while avoiding being looked at. The agents may show movements such as fleeing from or pursuing other agents according to their own judgment, but they cannot predict every result of the intersections which take place in real-time. The viewpoint of an agent looking at another is shown in a small split screen; through these split screens which appear and disappear, the world manifests itself in various perspectives. Audience make changes to the world using their own smartphone as a controller. In this world, humans and machines build their unique relationship that are revealed as traces on the ground.

*It was created by the support of Paradise cultural foundation
*본 작품은 파라다이스문화재단의 후원으로 제작되었습니다.

Cover Image © Paradise cultural foundation

Image © Paradise cultural foundation
Image © Paradise cultural foundation