*May 2014 / Cologne*

Youngju Kim (Game design, Graphic design),
Rodrigo Núñez (Programming), Mohamed Fawzy (Programming)


War between “N” and “A” is forcing every person to take one of the sides without question. During the war, there are only enemies or friends. You can’t say “N/A” when you confront with flashlights that you don’t know which sides they are from.
Two brothers who can’t choose either of the sides are looking for Grey zone. The game started when they are arrived at the tunnel of the border.
There come journals while you are going through the tunnel. You can either follow the journal or make your new paths. But watch out flashlights.


flashlights-01_ykim (1)




I did game design and graphic design. These are some of the concept sketches I did.





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