King of the Hill

*March 2014 / Cologne*

Game Design: Youngju Kim, Corrado Mariani, Fabian Pohl

Build blocks and be a king of the hill!

Each player has two characters and make the turns. Put a starting block on the table and other building blocks are inside of the pocket that make players pick one of it randomly by turn.
The game has 8 characters (2 characters of 4 colors) and 37 blocks (1 starter, 8 blank blocks, 28 green-marked blocks with 7 different kinds)
Every player has 2 characters and picks 3 connected wooden blocks randomly. You can get 1 point per the side touched with other blocks but can’t add the block on the green side. One of your character can make a move as much as the points you get. You can punch down other character, and this character should start from the ground.
To win, both of the two characters should be on level 6 or higher.