Layers of Reality

*Ongoing Project*

*2017 / Cologne*

*Layers of Reality* (working title) is a proof-of-concept game using multiple camera perspectives with multiple plot formation. It is an 3D single player game that aims to enhance the game dynamics using and controlling multiple camera views through multiple characters. Each character’s unique identity allows the player to access the multi-leveled perspectives by engaging in different events uncovering the layers of reality.

There are five characters in *Layers of Reality*, each with their own goals and strategies whose success and failure depend on each other. The player must avoid being bounded by a single perspective but blend different perspectives to complete the whole picture of the story.

The game is designed in the first person POV, and the player observes the world through one character at a time. Even though the first person POV is a known to give the player an immersive experience playing the character, this game emphasizes a self-reflective way of gameplay. The player must compare and contrast the information gathered from different character perspectives. Every informations about the character or event would be relative. The player must try to remain objective to observe the situation in the Layers of Reality.

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