*February 2014 / Cologne*
After we finished our prototype for the class in 2014, I’ve been still working on this project.

Love is understanding that we are in different worlds and longing for each other.

Each of the two players is on their own level. They don’t see each other’s move but hear the sound and try to figure out where the other player is.
Each turn, each player can make four moves of three different kinds: removing a tile / flipping a tile / moving to an adjacent tile which has one height difference.
If the player remove all tiles in one position, it becomes a black hole where can’t be stepped on any more. To see the other player’s current position and the locations of their black holes, the player needs to stand on the window spot which is also a starting point of the other player.
The goal of the game is to meet in the same spot on the board and at the same level.

These are images of prototype that I’m working on.



Original Team: Youngju Kim (Concept, Game design), Lutz Kleinau (Graphic design), Rodrigo Núñez (Programming), Harshit Rawal (Project management)

These are some of the initial concept sketches I did.


Lutz made a boardgame version of prototype for play testing and also did graphic design of the digital prototype.