*April 2015 / Berlin*
A MAZE. Festival 2015

Youngju Kim (Game Design), René Krebs (Game Design), Florian Wachter (Interaction Design)



TagBack is a shooting game for 4 players with barcode scanners in a physical space.
Two teams of two people play against each other with a barcode scanner as a gun, wearing a google and a band which has 2 printed barcodes.

Players have a barcode for offense or defense on their back. Once the offence barcode is scanned, players can send their bullets to the opponent team. They can protect their side by scanning defense barcode and making a protection wall which is disappeared after 5 seconds. Players need to cooperate for the team by instantly switching position to scan the barcode on each other’s back in the right timing. At the same time, they should protect the barcode on their belly to not be scanned by the opponents, since it will deactivate every bullet from their own side. Once one of the teams loses all the points, the game is over.